Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss is a little different than the other courses available on the site as it acts like a form of disclaimer to highlight the challenges, obstacles and reasons to avoid the pursuit of the Red pill. Red pill just being a symbol to represent a deeper need for a complete or transparent viewpoint of all.

Basically as it goes, we all have a choice to look at things that don’t want to be seen, and this is a path that requires bravery. To look through a lie, to look through corruption, marketing and general deceit comes with a price.

The Cost, is the burdens of truth!

The lie comes with comfort, peace, temporary satisfaction and safety. But it is an illusion.

First with the lie is, such and such would never do that,

Than it becomes, such and such would never do that to me.

Where does the lie end and the truth begin, that is up to you. You decide where the lies stop and the truth begins, however merit can be found in both paths, this course and this brand are bias. Just like everyone else.

What is your highest potential?


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