Intro to Spirituality*

When we look at the idea of spirituality, the first thing that comes to mind is typically spirit. What is is spirit?

Spirit sometimes is mistakenly understood as soul, it is a connecting force of consciousness. In Christianity we have the holy spirit, in native culture we have lots of reference to spirit, spirit animals, and when you are away from someone, you may say, I am with you in spirit.

Spirituality builds on this and allows our spirit or ideas of spirit to become a complete system of understanding the world and how everything is or can be connected. These ideas have been held close to power structures like religion for a long time, but in the modern world it goes much further with elements being validated by ideas found in science and quantum mechanics in addition to people who can discover a type of internal knowing. Sometimes we say things like “It resonates” and this can be using ones affiliation to spirit, the spirit world or spiritual affiliations to help confirm a thought feeling or idea.

When looking for some videos to help teach about spirituality, I found this awesome intro by Marisa LaBlue.

I also found this A Very Short Introduction video by| Philip Sheldrake which really rounds out some of the basic elements of spirituality.

When we talk about that increase in the popularity and norm of spirituality in modern culture, It seems clear that there are many driving force towards spirituality. However it resonates deeply with me that a need for internal validation and knowing outside of public authorities is one of the key elements of the collective shifts in consciousness.

It’s difficult to thank corruption and societies adversities for the great awakening of the time, but it looks like this is exactly what we should do. We don’t need to look deeper when everything is going smooth, it is only when the walls crumble around us that we are growing in new ways looking for new solutions to new problems.

Looking for another approach to the subject, check out this awesome read below.

When looking for an expert on spirituality, an obvious name stands above all else, and that is Jesus Christ, however because of the diversity of the culture, the time and the teachers that interpret Jesus in many directions. A modern person of significance that can teach us a lot about spirituality without bringing us through unnecessary complexity is Eckhart Tolle. Mr Tolle is a celebrated teacher, author and has modern content coming out regularly online.

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