Nature is a cornerstone of our history, it is our source shrouded in mystery and erased histories. But what do we really know and think about nature? If you ask a geologist, an astrophysicist, a marine biologist, a paediatric doctor, and a farmer. What is nature, what would they say?

The geologist may say nature is the ground we walk on,

The astrophysicist may say it’s the sky, the sun and the stars we see at night,

A marine biologist may say it is life, and water that is nature,

A paediatric doctor may say it’s us and our families that is nature,

and the farmer may say it’s the crops and cycles of life at his farm.

But what else is nature?

You are nature, I am nature, even as far as humanity goes beyond it’s self, when or where does it stop being nature or natural? Within a spiritual path it’s all we know, because as the doctor said, our families are nature. Even with human influence, we rely and require nature, more than we could ever really be without it.

When looking for an expert on nature, we cannot truly point to an expert of nature. Speaking for myself I would think a philosopher would best be known as an expert of nature as nature has such a broad place in our world, only a master of thought could encompass it. However even still we search, can you recommend to us a master of nature in it’s broadest sense?

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