The Light-Bearers Association of Canada is proud to present our Academy for Higher Spiritual Learning, incorporating a variety of topics as well as the many aspects of Spirituality. But more importantly, introducing the concept of Red Pill vs Blue Pill. 

Here you will find a variety of topics and introduction points to the many aspects of spirituality and what we here like to regard as red pill, blue pill subjects. These subjects are designed in a sequence which builds and prepares you from one topic to the next.

For an explanation of the Red Pill, Blue Pill concept, click here!

These life-altering courses are designed to introduce students to the Oneness of mankind, a starting point into the study of Metaphysics as well as many other life-transforming topics of interest. 

All of these courses are designed with the intention of as little bias as possible, and are only meant to act as a starting point or a point of commonality.

These courses will introduce students, who have opened their hearts to the Higher Intelligence of the Heart~~the Higher Mental Body, where dreams become a reality! 

Ready to get started?

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  • You will need 11 Points to graduate from level one!
  • Core courses are marked with an* and they are worth 3 points, and extra curricular courses are worth 1.
  • The courses for level one are as followed and can be taken as many times as you like in any order.
  1. Introduction to Breathing and Breath-Work
  2. Introduction to Spirituality
  3. Introduction to Mindfulness
  4. Nature
  5. Self Care and Wellness
  6. Introduction to Yoga
  7. Ignorance is Bliss

Once you complete level one by getting 80% or more on a course point total of 11 or more. You can then proceed to graduate from level one and patiently await level two.

Graduation page can be found here

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Please don’t hesitate to contact the author, designer and lead technical resource for the Lightbearers Association of Canada, philosopher Joseph McDonald Joseph@lightbearers.ca