Red Pill – Blue Pill Explained

When looking for an explanation for the Red Pill vs Blue Pill there is many different social, and political explanations of the Red Pill Blue Pill relation.

For us here at the LightBearers Association of Canada we like to explain the Red Pill as the ultimate pursuit of truth and freedom, and the Blue Pill as the ultimate expression of non responsibility and ease. Taking the Red Pill in the matrix requires and acceptance of responsibility, challenge and hardship. However there is a lot of benefits too, like truth, freedom and individual expression of self.

The Blue Pill in contrast has a lot of perks too, like non responsibility, ease, peace and avoidance of life’s challenges and concerns. We among the LightBearers association of Canada will respect you for whatever choices you make in your life. We even designed a course around the ideas and concepts that support the decision to take the Blue Pill, we call this course in level one Ignorance is Bliss. Click the link to check out this course <—

We can also recommend this video below as a more personal Matrix centric explanation of the Red Pill.

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