Introduction to Breathing and Breath-work*

Welcome to an Introduction to Breathing and Breath-work, here you find an introduction to the purpose and value of practised breathing. Everyone breaths, but do some people have advantages from conscious breath practices?


Take athletes for example, singers for another, any even just everyday health enthusiasts. How will improving your breathing change your life?, enjoy the following content and will find out.

Light reading about breathing:

More into videos, follow along with this awesome video with some great techniques you can use to reduce stress and improve your health and wellness.

If there is one practical master of breath that stands out among the LightBearers of Canada in modern times, it would be Whim Hoff. Because of his dedication to his truth, and mastery of his control of breath and the body. Anything you want to learn about advanced breathing can be learned from Whim Hoff. His gift to the world is well worth your time.

Book Recommendation: Conscious breathing by Anders Olsson

Looking to support local, check out this book and link for a book called Breathe: An Enlightened Living Handbook by Carol Martin

Are you holding your breath during weightlifting?

Check out this link below about holding your breath while doing difficult lifts;

Now it’s time to prove you learned something with this fun 10 question multiple choice quiz, choose the answer which is most correct.


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  1. Wow….I need to go back to school! But regardless, it was fun to try this quiz. Thank You!

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