Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is an ancient mind, body spirit practice originating in the regions of modern day India. Wonderful at toning the body, increasing flexibility, healing, stretching, focusing the mind, improving the breath and providing peace for those that practice it. With any inclusive practice of the mind body spirit, there is many different types of yoga. So let’s start Introduction to Yoga with a guided hatha routine good for beginners and intermediate practitioners alike.

Once the above becomes to easy for you or if your looking for more for your legs and back, try the routine below.

Now what are some yoga types practised in modern time?

Hatha yoga– focusing on slow moving physical postures.

Yin yoga– a relaxing still yoga practice utilizing gravity and focusing on meditative aspects of yoga.

Vinyasa aka flow yoga – known as a flowing yoga similar to Qikong and Thi Chi.

Ashtanga yoga – a physically demanding practice which is best suited for those deeper on the path physically and mentally. Translated from Sanskrit as the eight limb path.

Kundalini yoga – this yoga focuses on activating the internal energy of the body as produced from the spine; this yoga uses a variety of movements, chants and flowing to help invigorate the mind and body. A combination yoga based on a merger of Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga

Bikram yoga – sometimes known as hot yoga involves 26 specific poses done in sequence in a humid room of about 40 Celsius or 105 fahrenheit

Restorative yoga – this yoga is based on a small quantity of posses done over the course of an hour, with or without props to assist. This practice can be done

Iyengar yoga– this form of yoga is typically based on precise alignments of the body, with or without props this is a great yoga with room to go for seasoned yogis.

Sahaja yoga– a freely taught form of yoga internationally about aligning one’s body and mind using a gentle physical routine with intention. This yoga is primarily a meditative practice more than the term yoga suggests.

Prenatal yoga – a yoga practice focused to the needs of expecting mothers, this is done through focusing on pelvic muscle groups and growing a deep connection with the baby to be.

Anusara yoga – Focused on the Mind Body Connection using what’s called the Universal Principals of Alignment this is a modern version of hatha yoga taking on components of vinyasa for a modern day solution.

Jivamukti yoga – A stream of flow yoga focusing on connection to earth, life on this planet and gearing to vegetarian conscious lifestyle.

Now that we can identify many of the different types of Yoga and their usage in some comparison to one another. Let’s look to one of the biggest names is yoga. Sometimes said to be the biggest name in modern yoga.

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

Let’s hear some of his thoughts on Yoga, please pause and read some of these quotes

This man as great a master of yoga he may be, learned from another who is said to have been even more legendary, you can learn a small bit about that relation here at the link below.

Now that you have some comfort thinking and speaking about yoga, maybe you would like to take a quiz about what you may have just learned.


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