Association’s Goals & Vision

The LightBearers’ Association of Canada’s

​Goals & Vision

1) Most and foremost to be a resource for the community in the search for higher learning.

2) To spread the truth as known and to be learned.

3) Educate and establish an understanding of how we are all contributing to our reality~~as this is our universe. 

4) Having a desire to let go of our denial, pride and fear and work through our own psychology, whereby positive personal growth will be evident.

5) Come to the understanding that most dis-ease is a direct result of unresolved trauma.

6) Spreading teachings across Canada and the whole world, ‘resurrecting’ the Divine Feminine Energy in this 7th Golden Age!

7) Therefore, as we transition from fear to love, the higher intelligence of the heart, dis-ease will be eradicated, knowing that humankind possesses Power/Wisdom/Love, our innate gifts to heal ourselves!  Integrating Science and Spirituality… Knowledge and Faith, or both hemisphere of the brain! Symptoms can oftentimes be reversed, not always with drugs or surgery, but by simply providing ourselves with the opportunity to heal.