About the Author

Joseph McDonald is a consultant, philosopher, and has been a volunteer for the LightBearers Association of Canada for 3 over years.

Among this journey has been the mission to spread the word and teachings of the spiritual path. Finding the best possible way to do that in a cost effective consistent manner has been through a website and media platform.

So here we are,

To further speak about the author:

Joseph McDonald

Joseph has had a lot of unique life experience in this lifetime that pushed him towards philosophy and spirituality. From these places he has discovered many secrets to life on this planet and in this universe, allowing him to open Joe Company Consulting when he turned 25, Open a philanthropy called the Clean Water Initiative while he was 27 and open another consulting brand called Love Profit Consulting when he was 28.

Believing in a love first approach to all thing he has worked hard to spread love far and wide in contrast to less transparent or cooperative political or economic viewpoints. If you need or want Joseph’s help, or expertise he will be happy to be there for you as he has for many others.

He can be reached through any of his websites including through this platform. Joseph@lightbearers.ca