Self Care and Wellness

Self care and wellness are extremely important aspects of ones quality of life, self care could mean the difference between proactive health and unforeseen illness. By being conscious and living practically with ones own health and wellness, you too can reach a proactive wellness unattainable by reactive practices.

Let’s start by listening to some great self care practices. Anyone of these on their own may seem small or insignificant, however debatable that is. The over hanging themes and combination can lead someone to a much healthier path.

You know the old adage, a happy wife, a happy life, well how about a happy body and mind, makes us more kind. Maybe we can work on that one together.

Now when you look at the two lists above, we have to assume some of the practices will resonate really well for you to start doing again or immediately moving forward, however some of the practices maybe straight on uncomfortable to even consider. Through meditative thinking we can look more deeply into our discomfort and triggers and find our truth amongst the ideas.

We don’t need to dig into our own troubles and traumas right away. Let’s wait until we have time to truly resolve our internal conflicts. However over the longer length of time when practising self care and wellness, some of these things may get brought closer and closer to the surface and a need to be addressed. Don’t be worried about the challenge or opportunities you find within yourself, they can be understood as gifts for you to unravel.

When looking for a self care and wellness expert, we found a lot of people to consider, but for us we enjoyed listening to the teachings of Kelly LeVeque, please enjoy her on this 20 minute interview here.

Now that you have learned and remembered some elements of Self-Care and Wellness, it’s time to demonstrate it. First by improving your own life, but also by taking this fun little quiz. Please enjoy.


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