Welcome to level one, here you will find a variety of topics and introductory points to the many aspects of spirituality and what we here like to regard as red pill, blue pill subjects. These subjects are designed in a sequence which builds and prepares you from one topic to the next.

This is our way to assure you are ready to learn about certain topics before you are exposed to them.

All of these courses are designed with the intention of as little bias as possible and are only meant to act as a starting point or a point of commonality as one starts looking into a subject or topic of choice.

The course list for level one is as follows. Oh and 80% is what is required to pass a course.

  1. Introduction to Breathing and Breath-Work
  2. Introduction to Spirituality
  3. Introduction to Mindfulness
  4. Nature
  5. Self Care and Wellness
  6. Introduction to Yoga
  7. Ignorance is Bliss

Do you wish to add, edit or contribute to any topic on the site?

Please don’t hesitate to contact the author, designer and lead technical resource for the Lightbearers Association of Canada, philosopher Joseph McDonald

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